Asociacion de HOteles de Tulum

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The Tulum Hotel Association
  • To bring together under the association umbrella all Hotels in the Municipality of Tulum and represent them before the three levels of government.
  • Promote the hotel and lodging industry among member Hotels.
  • Encourage member Hotels to upgrade their facilities and constantly improve services.
  • Ensure respect for the rights of the Hotels of the Association.
  • Introduce members to professionals who can help them with all kinds of procedures, at preferential rates.
  • Fight for the provision of public services in the areas where member Hotels are located.
  • Promote cultural and sporting activities, and reunions to improve camaraderie and integration among members.
  • Organize training courses related to member activities.
  • Obtain benefits from the authorities for members.
  • Speed up administrative procedures when dealing with federal, local and municipal institutions


To form a strong association of hoteliers who can fight to promote their own interests and those of Tulum.




The headquarters of the Tulum Hotel Association is at:

Avenida Tulum, Mz. 8, Lote 1, Col.Centro, C.P. 77760.

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